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Low 3.3v Line?

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Nov 17, 2001
I can't remember correctly, but the 3.3v line deals with RAM?

Right now, my 300w no-name PSU seems to be churning out an average reading of in the low 3.2v area on the 3.3v, dipping as low as 3.17v. I think it's starting to bring stability problems with my current setup (in sig). Any worries here? Frankly, I think my PSU is holding me back from a higher overclock. Should I just get a new one?
a good pwr supply is always a factor in overclocking.with that said, b4 spending money ,check inside your present supply and see if it has trim pots for the 3.3 volt side.if it does, try bumping the voltage up a couple of tenths.it maysave you some cash...CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you do decide to try my suggestion,there are dangerous voltages inside even when it is unplugged. inside of the supply are capacitors that store enough voltage to injure or kill.if you are not experienced dont do it.