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Low ESR Capacitor Mod for KT7/KT7A

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Feb 13, 2001
Twin Cities
I have searched high and low, yet I am unable to find any articles dealing with modding the KT7/KT7A motherboard to implement better electrolytic capacitors in the various voltage regulator circuits. Namely, I am interested in learning whether the approach is to go with higher values of capacitance, capacitors of lower ESR nature, or both. Specific values would be appreciated since there is a physical limit to the size you can fit in the various locations.


Hmm interesting topic. I am just wondering why you want to play with this, are you having problems with voltage regulation ?

Actually the size of the capacitors is generally optimized for every given circuit, and swapping caps with different values will hardly improve anything, unless Abit screved up when designing these.

In gereral, more capacitance gives better regulation when one is trying to smooth out a DC voltage. However this situation is complex, and other components have to play along. The voltages regulation circuit for the cpu is handling high freq variations as low, therefore If you are anything less than a electronic guru you should prepare to buy new mobo should you decide to improove your Abit :)
This is way out there for most computer geeks. More of a high end HiFi type tweak. The only reason I am aware of a problem is there are some folks that have experienced deteriorating FSB speeds and then filter cap faliure.
I was kinda beating a dead horse on an issue I have with the KT7A board I bought, being unable to run the FSB above 133 Mhz reliably. after I posted this, I inspected the KT7A and discovered the caps were already low esr types. I have another KT7A on the way. If it also wont run reliably above 133 Mhz, then I have to re-evaluate my T.S. procedure to see what I overlooked.