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Low PPD?

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Aug 24, 2003
Lakewood, Colorado
Is there anywhere that we have listed that gives an idea on the expected ppd for a given cpu?

@ Stock.

I'm trying to find out why my e6420 is only getting 119 ppd, but I believe I have a bad configuration for FAH.
I would expect more than that. However I have the Q6600 pumping out SMP via VM with no problems, I even threw in the 4890 just to get an extra bump with the GPU.

Should I setup smp for the 6420 rather than the regular windows client?
Or could I use VM eventhough I only have 2gb of mem on that box?


Feb 21, 2009
[email protected] in Greene County, NY
Those point numbers look about right for a standard (single-core) client. You'd probably do better with the SMP client. Other option is another single-core client, but that would only about double your total PPD for that machine. The SMP client, even native in Windows, would produce probably more like 6x the PPD.

I can't offer any advice about a VM, as I haven't done that yet.


Senior Member
Apr 12, 2004
I have a E6600 running @ 2.58 that makes about 1700 ppd on XP/VMware Player/ Ubuntu 9.10. It takes about 1 GB of ram to run the VM. You could get by with 100 MB less with a notfreds SMP client.