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low rear speaker volume

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Jun 9, 2003
Toronto, Canada
z560 low rear output

I recently bought a logitec z560 4.1 system. i quickly noticed that my rear speakers were much quieter than my front speakers. I just want to know if this is normal or not. And i want to know how to fix this issue if possible. By the way im using a sound blaster Live 5.1. thanks in advance
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Normally in a surround sound system the rear speakers do not have as much informaiton being passed to them as the front speakers do (most action/dialog in a movie is happening infront of you, not behind you) So this may be what your noticing. Also if your just playing stereo music and the sound card is upmixing it to 4.1 then it will probably automatically set the volume levels of the rear speakers slightly lower than the front speakers for effect, although if you prefer to im sure there is some option on your Live5.1 to control individual channel volume levels.

Edit: just noticed your double post, might want to ask a mod to merge threads.