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Low refresh rate with Gforce2 MX

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New Member
Aug 1, 2001
Hi guys

I have a PC with PIII 933Mhz, W2k Pro with 256MB
Ram and Geforce2 MX 32 MB..

I set my display to be 800 * 600 -32Bit and I set the refrsh frequency to 100 Herts

When I run 3DMark 2001, I with reslution of 1068 * 768, 32 bit I notice my motitor flickers (frequency is 60 Herts or less) while my Sony monitor can support up to 120Herts.
How can I control frequency rate in the full screen view mode? Is there a way to set a default freq. other that in Display setting?

Could any one help please??
Are you sure your monitor can support high refresh rates at 1068x768? Normally they say the refresh rate for 640x480. Your monitor may not have support for high refresh rates at high resolutions! Make sure you have the proper drivers and see if you can find updated drivers! I have seen monitors were the driver was the case! If you were using the monitor an a different video card and it worked you might have a defected card or the card cannot support such refresh rates at 1068x768. Check the video cards documentation for more info on supported refresh rates. Also try to download detonator 3 from the Nvidia web site's download area:

If you have any questions E-mail me at: [email protected]
The max refresh rate my HP 17" monitor (very good monitor I might add) can support at 1024x768 is 85mhz... the prior post was right, the refresh rate listed is for 640x480, but goes down quite a bit as you increase the screen size. When you set the refresh rate that high, and you run a benchmark that pushes the screensize too big, the video card is defaulting to 60mhz so it doesn't fry or stop operating. In windows 2000 you can select the option to only display frequencies that will work; it should be near the refresh rate settings in display properties.
my lg 17" can run 85hz at 1024*768.. your's will probably be in that same region. try downloading this great little program, in which you can set all your refresh rates for different resolutions.

to find the max refresh rate for 1024*768 that your monitor supports, run hztool and set the refresh rate for 1024*768 to default. change to 1024*768, and click on the "monitor settings" tab. your max refresh rate will be shown under max refresh rate. then set the refresh rate to that on the main tab, and you're... um, well, set!! :)