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Lower CPU/Board Temps

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New Member
Jun 25, 2001
Just like to share some findings with you.
I was checking temps tonight with a probe,and
I found a kind of hot spot on this board.
On the underside of the board where CPU
socket is mounted,I noticed an increase of the temps there.My case has several 60mm holes on the boards mounting plate.One hole
is directly under the CPU.So I took a 60mm
fan pluged it in over the hole.It really
stabilized temps.It's no big deal to put a fan there and check the temps.
Tests show that I have lowered temps
10 degrees F.Also the span between Idle
temps and Load temps have decreased also.
Heres a pic how I mouted the fan
I'm running an MSI K7T266 PRO-Raid
T-Bird 1.3 @ 1.575(11x143)
Hmm, looks like one of them casing manufacturers have overclockers' needs in mind... or perhaps knows the mind of an overclocker... I'll consider getting a casing similar to yours next time I do major parts upgrade/overhaul.
This may be related to a condition I have suspected for some time. Between the CPU and the mainboard there is a space in the middle of the socket A where the CPU sensor is located. We all know this!! My contention is that the air inside there has nowhere to escape and just keeps building up until it is higher than the CPU core temp. That is why, I think, we get higher temp readings on that sensor and why it seems to take so long to realize a change. The heat would have to dissipate througe the core, plastic socket or the mainboard...thus your cooling fan!!
I have a ribbon sensor against the core ABOVE the ceramic and get cooler temp readings and a quicker change when the system is stressed.
What you think??

I'd like to find a way to get a sensor inside that area to compare temps. I'm real hesitant to drill a hole in a 4 or 6 layer mainbd!!

A7Vw/Duron700@945-41c on ribbon sensor and 48c on MBM5 and AsusProbe
(just got an A7V133...fun is only beginning)
I agree,I was able to stick a probe right under that
space on the bottom side of the board.Thats where
I found the big jump in the temps I was measuring.
If the boards oem could vent that space,especially
on the socket A T-Birds,it would be a great improvement in controling temps.