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Lubricating Case Fans???

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Feb 25, 2002
Calgary AB Canada
my 3 case fans are sounding like they could use some grease so am I correct on this procedure?

1)remove sticker

2)Drop in 2 drops of sewing machine oil or the like

3)replace sticker

4)spin fanblades once with fingers to spread oil around

also if it matters they are all ball bearing fans
RoadWarrior said:
Maybe a more extreme environment here, 30C ambient 100% humidity kills fans quick here. Mine last like 2 years if I oil them, 2-3months if I don't.
Well, now here 22 degree C 60% humidity, but during summer we are around 35 degree C 90% humidity. I'm using all Sunon's fans, and you RoadWarrior? onestly I'm a little worried about your trouble....:confused:
Well thanks for letting me know I did it all right.. I ended up using 3 in 1 oil now there all runnin like they used to thanks
A thicker oil will last much longer than a thinner oil such as WD-40, etc. It will also spin much smoother and quieter, which will help with noise and vibration too. It may not spin QUITE as quickly, though I doubt the difference would be all that immense. If you're having to oil your fans really often, something else you may wish to try is using an oil with PTFE (aka Teflon) in it.
anyone tried a teflon based lube like tri-flow? I'm not sure if you're suppused to use teflon on bearings or not. I wouldn't use wd-40, becuase it is notorious for soaking up grit and dust and the like. I don't put it on my bike, and wouldn't put it in my computer.
well I found the 3in1 oil works quite well.... there definately less (grindy) I'm not worried bout the sound of them... I actually find the noise puts me to sleep at night
Teflon, hmmm I'll have to try that.

Doh, I'm such a moron, I just remembered, a long while back I diluted some molybdenum grease with light oil and that worked real well, don't think I've had to have that PSU apart since. Funny I never remembered.

Road Warrior
wont any liquid or oils short out the fan circuits? eg. WD-40
lol sorry i wouldnt have a clue about this cause i havent tried or opened a fan b4. :)
WD-40 is known to actually eat into metal after a while. Although I doubt there would be any problems using it for lubricating fans. the components aren't exposed to it enough for it to eat into the metal of the bearings. 3-in-1 oil is definately a better choice though. I use a product called "Tri-Flow", when I don't feel like running out and replacing a fan. I will usually replace a fan rather than try and fix it, or quite it down.
ToF said:
wont any liquid or oils short out the fan circuits? eg. WD-40
lol sorry i wouldnt have a clue about this cause i havent tried or opened a fan b4. :)
No, most (I think all actually) oils don't conduct electricity. In fact, I was even concerned enough about WD-40 shorting out my fan that I actually visited their web site and checked. Not conductive. Works for me!!