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lycoris install

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Dec 24, 2001
ok well i tried this once before.the hard way since i dont have a cdwr at the moment.doing the install on a iso from my hard drive and boot it up from a linux root/boot disk was just a big long confusing mess.

anyhow im trying this "hopefully" simpler way i downloaded winiso program.saya can open and extract iso files.anyhow im downloading lycoris again.takes 3-4 hours even with cable modom.

anyhow any tips? thoughts? will it even work this way?
I'm not sure I'm understanding what you are trying to do. I think you're saying you are going to extract the .iso into the files and try to install from the files in it, is this correct?

If thats what your trying to do, I don't think It'll work that way. The iso is a bootable image, and you can't just boot of a bunch of extracted files.

The easiest way to install is buy the distro, or you could just buy a burner :)
hmmm , the lycoris is in iso format when downloaded.and from what i understand i can open the iso with winiso prog.this will let me install it on a second hd?

btw i agree i need a cdrw but for now hdd's and ram purcheses are more important tto me.