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Machine keeps crashing

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New Member
Jun 21, 2001
I've tried everything I can think of to fix the problem with no luck. A friend told me that this is the place with all the answers so here goes. I'm running an Athlon Tbird 900 on an Abit KT7A-Raid motherboard. My video card is the prophet II mx 64M, sound card is the SB Live. What I've tried thus far is upgrading my bios to the latest version, upgrading the via chipset drivers for my motherboard, installing the latest drivers for both video and sound card, dropping the apature size to 64M, and finally dropping to 2x agp. All this and I'm still crashing. Thanks in advance for ne help.
Via is picky about where you put your PCI cards. Many of them share IRQs with each other. Maybe you are getting a conflict. Go to www.viahardware.com. There is a KT7A section that tells you where to put the cards for least conflicts. My KT7A was acting funky. I switched my cards around and its working smooth now.
I'm not sure how to check the temps. Is there a utility that I can get? I thought apature should be half your ram? I'll look into that PCI problem right now. Thanks again.
Can you give us an idea when it crashes / what you are doing when it does crash? Crash is just a very vague term, more specifics will help us understand what is causing it.

BTW, are you overclocking anything (if you don't know, then the answer is probably, no).
Everything causes a crash. I start the machine and while it's starting some of the progs in the startup it freezes and reboots itself. I'm surfing the web, go to move the mouse and bang it's frozen and reboots itself. I'm playing D2, lasts for about 5 minutes, then it freezes, I have to hard reboot. It's nothing specific, but I'm pretty sure that it's the Video Card. I have another agp card that I am going to try this weekend. I'll post my findings.
My machine has been running all night and the current cpu tempature is 114 F, system tempature is 102 F. I'm taking out the video card now so we'll see what happens. I'll post findings.
I thought it was the video card but it appears that is not the problem. I switched out the prophet for my old v550 and it's still crashing. Now I guess it's time to start pulling things till the problem goes away.
Just a tip: generally if you are rebooting out of games it is not the card that is at fault. This is not always true, but it usually is. Crashing outside of games usually points to a motherboard conflict.
I did find tonight that my network card is on the same irq as my VIA pci to usb controller. So now I gotta fix that.
Mine was doing the same thing, it was my sound card. I enabled an irq sharing setting under SB 16 Emulation settings in device manager. I can't remember exactly what it was called and I am at work, so I can't look. Lil' help, if anyone knows what I'm talking about. It fixed it right up.
It was the conflict between my network card and my usb ports. I have an adapter to make my usb mouse into a ps2 mouse and that's fixed the problem. I just need to fix the usb port now so I can put my mouse back on usb. I'm just glad that it was found. Thanks for the help everyone.