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Maddening Radeon Troubles

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New Member
Mar 7, 2002
New Jersey
Well, I ordered and recieved an ATI All In Wonder Radeon 7500, and all seemed well.

Until I tried to install it. I had the card in the mobo, ran ATI's installation program, and was asked to reboot, which I did. When Windows loaded again, it began installing the ATI WDM Rage Theater Video driver but I got the BSOD. Well, no problem I thought, I'll just reboot and try again.

Well, now the system hung on POST. After a bit of fiddling with the BIOS, the clearing the CMOS memory, I finally got the system to boot, but only if the main memory clock was set to 100MHz instead of 133MHz, which is what it is usually at. Finally I'm back into Windows, and the Rage driver begins to install again, and just like last time I get the BSOD.

Suggestions anyone? Comments?

Enlight EN-7230 w/300W PSU
Abit SH6 / Intel i185E Chipset
PIII 933 @ 990Mhz @1.70V
Intel OEM Heatsink/Fan
Kingston 512Mb PC133
Maxtor 40Gb 5400RPM ATA100
AC97 Audio / onboard gfx
TEAC CD-W54E 32x/4x/4x
HSP56 Micromodem
+2 generic case fans
Windows 98 [4.10.1998]


Aug 8, 2001
New Orleans
maybe the file is corrupted somehow. Download them again and try again. Also, are you replacing an nVidia card? If so, I've heard of many people having BIG problems with driver conflicts from left over files and such.


Dec 26, 2001
Go to ATI's website and downlaod the latest drivers, including any beta drivers. Before installing new drivers, make sure you remove the old ones in "add or remove programs." Check and see if there are any conflicts between your mobo's BIOS and the card. My tigr MP shipped with a BIOS that had some issues with my Radeon 8500, but Tyan released a Beta BIOS to solve that problem. After updating BIOS (only if needed), you are ready to install those new drivers for oyur Radeon 7500. Good lcuk.


OCForums Founder & Extraordinarily Elusive Adminis
Nov 4, 2000
Chicago, IL
Did you totally un-install the Old Video Card driver? This is a MUST when changing Video Chipsets. I'm pretty sure it even states that in the Manual.