made the upgrade

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Jun 6, 2002
I bit the bullet and got a GIGABYTE Radeon RX 6600 XT GAMING OC PRO , more then i wanted to pay upfront. I feel it has been long over due for a GPU, bought my 1060 6gb for $340 back in 2017. gonna put it up on the bay and see what it fetches to offset the cost as well as the 1030gt(see to go for about $100-$125). there was another 6600xt that popped up for $559 but i sat and waited to long cause i still mulled over the cost. it disappeared so i went back to look at the asrock card that was $619 at newegg. i still had the web page up from last night, i refreshed the page to see if that $559 card came up. it didn't but this GB card did, $579 i was ok with but still way more then i wanted to spend. just like everyone else GPU prices are so high right now and prolly for the next year or two. I really didn't want to wait any more so i got the card. i figure once i sell both of the video cards 1030/1060 6b, it should cost me about half or more then half for this 6600xt.

some might wonder why i went with this card. i looked over benchmarks for games i may play and some i want to play again. i don't look for avg fps numbers, imo they are meaningless. i focused on reviews showing the lowest fps they would do, i notice some do 1% or in one case .1%? the 6600xt is showing to be about double or a bit more in the lowest FPS it does. while i wanted a 3060 or even a 3060TI for about the same area improvement over my 1060. i couldn't just see spending that much more after looking into the amd card. even looking at CL near me the prices were a bit lower then ebay but still way more they should be. then buying from CL your taking a big risk, going to see someone with $700 to $900 cash if you pay that way.