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Sep 1, 2002
Someone tell me what to do at the coffee break scene when I have to either go to Salieris bar and/or hide in the alley ways. I can't find the bar and I get shot in the alley. What is up?
salieries is listed on the map, just drive over there...

which cofee break scene? there's liek 10 of em
K, I'll try that but...It's the first coffee break and remember when the arrow keeps pointing into the back alley. Well I'll try but if that doesn't work , I'll be back. Sanks anyhoo
If all else fails, find a pedestrian and beat them until they are unconcious. That always helps me figure out what to do next.

My favorite part of this game is running over pedestrians. I especially like it when someone pulls over to the curb, and just as they are exiting their car, you slam into the side and crush them. This is the best game in a long time.