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Mag Drive Pump 500 GPH

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anyone had this pump before?? how you fit it with 3/8" tubing?? i heard we need to connect it with hose barb to reduce from 1/2 to 3/8. i found out few hose barb @ www.airhosereels.com but don't know which one is correct!! coz i'm not used to english unit!! can anyone help me?? :)www.airhosereels.com
That's an insane amount of fluid, and I wouldn't risk potential leaks as they wouldn't be leaks.......they'd be leathal water hoses! hehe

Seriously.......read a long post on this a few days ago elsewhere....I really think it's overkill. (seems friction would force the water temp to rise! ROFL) no....it does seem the water would not stay in the radiator long enough to cool tho.
Wow!! thank for ur fast input!! hehehe!! really?? it too much, right?? well any suggestion if i want to cool down 2 85W pelt on my dual P3 750@1gig with DD cube?? i know 300GPH would be enough!! but can't find a cheap pump at this range!! then i found out this mag 5 was just about $40 something, just thought it might worth to spend on it!! can anyone drop me a suggestion??
I'd say 300 would be the max, but I'm not hydrologist. =)

If you're using a res, why not a submersable pump? A lot of people are using fishtank pumps which seem to work well. Designed for run for thousands of hours on in, and come in a variety (sometimes adjustable) of GPH types. I used a 75 gph pump but it was only on an Intel (which doesn't heat up that much) and had no serious cooling needed to be done like your dual peltier. I saw on the other site that 125 to 200 should handle most anyone's needs. Fish pumps I've also seen come up to 250 gph but I think are a bit pricy at that point.
before i found out this mag 5, i was target on RIO600 which is rate at 200GPH. do anyone know what is the output diameter of this pump?? does it fit 3/8" tubing??
lightning (May 05, 2001 03:03 a.m.):
before i found out this mag 5, i was target on RIO600 which is rate at 200GPH. do anyone know what is the output diameter of this pump?? does it fit 3/8" tubing??

I guess it was 3/8" indeed, can't promise. I use a 800LPH (~211GPH, we don't use gallons in europe, is the standard gallon you guys use, or the UK gallon, which is a little bit bigger?), it has 3/8" tubing.
Shadow ÒÓ (May 05, 2001 03:59 a.m.):
aren't 5 of your liters one of our gallons?

1 gallon = 3,785412 liter
1 gallon UK = 4,546092 liter

says a nice little proggie called convert, I use it for all kinds of unity's I have to convert. I also used to think it was 5 liter, until I tried to find out how much GPH my pump was. It is rated 800 liter per hour.

But I guess no one has a VTech pump. Just read the manual, is produced in Holland (!), in Enschede (SE Fireworks disaster). No ratings in GPH.
humm....seems like ur pump are rate at 200GPH. well, i hv decide to go for RIO600, but not sure yet and hopefully it can support my configuration!! i had check it out, the output diameter are 3/4"!! i had another option which is mag drive 1.9 which is rate at 190GPH!! something i can't figure out is RIO said it max height is 3', but mag drive pump rate at 7' for max!! does it make sense?? seems like mag are more powerful than rio!!! but mag are a bit pricy in here!! should i go for rio or mag??
I would get the Magdrive 500 like you originally planned. Those DD cubes can really take down your water pressure so you need a strong enough pump, besides that for $40 it seems like a great deal. Even if it is to much you could always install some pressure vavles to regulate the flow.