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Major Heat Problem!!!

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Nov 2, 2002
Aberdeen, Scotland
The title says it all relly.

I just upgraded to an AMD Athlon 1.4Ghz processor. I installed it today along with a new fan. I was having cooling problems before hand so a new fan was essential.

I turned on the computer and booted into Windows... played about for a minute and then the computer crashed. I restarted the computer and checked the Bios and my processor was at an amazing 70 DEGREES CELSIUS! I have taken the processor out after a further four crashes.

Could my Motherboard be the problem as this has happened with two processors so its unlikely to be them.

I have two other system fans so the computer should run quite cool!

i doubt its a crap HSF cos the one i had in ran perfect for a year. the new one is working well with the 900 processor now i've moved my PC.

i tried the 1400 again but still at 60degrees.

I have another fan arriving in the next few days so i can try it again.

the motherboard is an SIS735
the Heatsink... christ i can't remember but it can handle ALL AMD processors.There was solution on the bottom of the HSF.

The ambient temp is about 30degrees

the heatsink is aluminium. i don't know how powerful a fan it is. the paste was already on the base of the Heatsink

Is it likely that this is going to be the problem? would aluminium(as opposed to coppper) really make it run what i presume to be 30degrees hotter than it should????

i'm quite sceptical that it would cause such a huge difference

Please Help!


Mar 12, 2002
Toronto, ON
"There was solution on the bottom of the HSF."

"the paste was already on the base of the Heatsink"

sounds like this might be part of the problem. you need to clean off that thermal pad from the bottom of the hs with some acetone or high content isopropyl alcohol and apply some arctic silver thermal compound.


Jun 20, 2002
You need a better hsf. Changing the thermal compound will help, but I doubt it will be enough. A 1.4g thunderbird is one of the hottest cpu's in amd's portfolio (maybe the hottest). A cheap volcano 7 would do the trick.