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Make a fan adaptor for 60mm to 80 mm and replace that delta

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Jan 18, 2001
I just made an adaptor and put a case fan on my fop38 to replace the anoying delta.

For this project you'll need some sheet metal, ( buy some funace duct) I used a tin cookie can.
A scratch awl
Tin snips
and a high cfm low noise 80mm case fan.

Heres what you do, Make a cardbord template. Draw a line 60mm long and and another parallel line 80mm long. Connect the two and make it as tall as you like. Its a trapazoid. Add a tab to the top and the bottom for screwing to your heat sink and to your fan. Screw to the fan first then screw to your heatsink by puting your scewdriver between the fan fins.

Take your template and transfer it to some sheet metal, repeat the pattern to make 4 sides. When your done cut it out and use the awl to scratch the edges that you'll be folding. Use some tape to seal any gaps.

With the delta, I had temps of 30/42 C.
I now have 33/45 with a case fan that I had lying around that I would say has half the cfms of the delta. Im gonna have to get one of those 44cfm case fans. My computer is a durron 700 running at 933 (7*133) on a kt7a raid.

The advantage of using this is that all the air is concentrated on the center of the heat sink. No air is wasted. Also this adaptor eliminates the spot where no air comes from in the center of the fan because its elivated from the heat sink. The most importand advantage? Its quiet.
This is an excellent post! Thanks a LOT for taking the time and trouble to share your idea with all of us. I think I'll actually try this. My Delta 38 is driving me to distraction. Five or six months with this bastard is way too long. Is there another PC component that matches the Delta 38 cfm for loudness and annoyance? Doubt it!
You ought to try having 5 of them in close proximity. I hardly hear them anymore- they're drowned out by the voices that keep telling me to clean all the guns...
presently i'm making a shroud that will mate a 120mm sunon on the side of my case (aopen kf45) to my vantec HS (bye bye delta). i'm using sheet aluminum that u can get a hardware stores (for sale or beware of dog signs)
pics will come when done.

good luck

amd tbird 800@1000 (7.5x133)
"New" Vantec cooler (gotta love that clip)
Asus a7v133 motherboard
256mb pc150 kingmax (2-2-2)
evga geforce2pro 32mb
maxtor 30g
40x cdrom
linksys 10/100 nic
You might tape a few peaces of paper on the inside of the case. Take out one of the blank drive cover then cover the hole with some thing clear. you will be looking in this hole. Put the cover on and firer her up. use a small flashlight and look inside. The paper moving will tell you what is getting air and what is not.
Sometimes a small peace of carbord bent and tape in the right place will do more good than a loud fan.
Here’s a pic of my “Bud” fandapter. I used aluminum duct tape to seal the edges and the fan to fandapter junction.