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Making a Crossover cabl ?

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Feb 16, 2002
Well i've got this 50ft cat5 cable, just a normal one that would goto a HUB... but my dog got to it now its in two peices haha... so im wondering if i can save this... is there a way i can make a cross over cable outta it ? I'm a master @ wiring so I just wanna know if it can be saved and what i would have to do to save it :)
yes there actually is. There are these little butt ends for phone wires. They look round and are clear plastic. You put both ends of the wire in and crimp it shut. That will work perfect for what you want to do. Any place that sells phone wiring equipment should have these.
Ok I've got it made, but when I plug it into both PC's no NIC lights come on... am I suposed to change some settings in either PC for this to work ?
if none of the lights come on (and you have the nic Enabled in Win2k or XP), then you have built the cable wrong, or something's not working.

If you have a continutity tester, you can test each wire and see if one isn't connected.. if they're all connected, check to see if you have the sequence wrong..
yeah i've got a multimeter ill try it and see if anything else si wrong
ive got it working "ok" now :) im getting 9000kb/sec which isnt to bad for being home made :)