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Making the best of the Iwill KK266 problem

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Feb 2, 2001
Since I already have the board I am going to just order the 1.1 Tbird at 200 and call it a day. I should be able to get a stable and solid performance from this combo and will begin working on my next computer.

If you don't already have an Iwill you might start looking at Abit although at this point I don't believe there is a kt133a mobo that doesn't have it's own set of problems.

With DDR coming out maybe that is the way to go. Anyone know of a good dual Tbird Mobo? I want to set up a server. Thanks.
Dual t-bird mobo's are not out as of yet..if i remember right i think they are supposed to be released Q3 or Q4.
Aranyic (Mar 09, 2001 10:23 a.m.):
Dual t-bird mobo's are not out as of yet..if i remember right i think they are supposed to be released Q3 or Q4.

Well that explains why I can't seem to find any of them. Thanks.
Well after reading your post a tear came to my eye!!

To have to settle for less is disapointing !!If I were you I would shove that M/B up somebodys Arse.And see how thay like to settle for something thay never planed on !!Better yet, first tell them you are there to buy lunch get them excited drop a five dollar bill on the floor and when thay bend over to pick it up for you, slam that board up there arse and tell them to update the bios after thay get it surgicaly removed!!!!
Diehrd I am going to be so f*cking happy with this new computer I am not even going to stress a few MHz. I am currently running a cyrix 200. Need I say more?

Meanwhile I am building this machine for a certification and once I get that I would need a server capable box. I have to wait on the dually tbird boards though. My wife can use it once I get that done and she is usine a 300 PIII. Either way it is a huge improvement over current boxes.

I agree they should fix this and the advertising is misleading. I just can't seem to get angry about it. The nature of computers is to not be upgradeable. This is not by accident!.
....but once you get past the gripes, there is no denying that the 8363a is one amazing northbridge (or that the 133a is a great chipset!)
I am glad you are decient enough to take this in stride,
BUT remember letting them off the hook only allows them to do it to others.I own a business and I strongly believe in giving what is advertised,If a vendor cannot deliver on its promiss, I dump them so fast thay wish thay never approached me in the first place.I am harsh when it comes to this. I believe no manufacture should advertise a feature that draws a consumer to purchess it only to find out the feature is defective.Good luck and I wish you the best performance and happiest of times with your new system.