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Making the move to water cooling!

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Apr 20, 2001
Sacramento, CA
I've been building and overclocking systems for years, and have finally decided that these noisy freakin fans are killing me. My computer room sounds like the datacenter I run.. just a little loud!

I just bought a Lian-Li PC70 Full Tower Case, AMD 1.33ghz AXIA, Asus A7M266, 512mb Crucial PC2100 RAM, Gainward Geforce2 Ultra 500, Hercules Game Theatre XP, 4 x IBM 45gb 75GXP's, Antec 400watt Power Supply, and lots of other stuff. I bought a Aquastealth II kit from Becooling, and upgraded to the Aquacoil and the new copper waterblock they just came out with yesterday. I'm only going to cool the CPU. I'm going to build a mounting plate so that I can use the top 8-10 inches of my case to house all of the water cooling hardware. I'm going to cut a blowhole into the top of the case and have the radiator fan attached there to blow the warm air out.

Then to clean up the cabling and fan noise I bought a Rheobus that I'll mount in the front of my case to control all of my system fans, and I ordered all red rounded ATA100 cables and floppy cables to clean that up as well. It should look pretty sweet and clean when I get done. I'm going to paint my DVD drive dark metallic blue. This is my gaming system, so no CDRW or any other stuff like that. I also have some rolls of acoustic damping material that I'm going to line the sides and top of the case to cut down on a little of the noise.

Any tips or tricks I should be aware of? I'll take pics as I'm building it.
Sounds like a killer mod.
You would probably get more responses if you had posted this in Alternative Modding Topic though. The people who follow that topic would more in tune with what you are doing.
sounds like you are going to have tons of fun, not sure if you are quite going to the extreme here, gettin close to it though. Keep us informed of how it goes, we want to hear!