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FEATURED Marathon Season IX December: SuperPi 32M

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Dec 19, 2012
Johan45/ R5 5600X/ AIO/ 6m 00.282s

6m 00.282s.JPG
Nice score johan .... dang that's a good 2 seconds better then my best last time. These new chips that much of an improvement?
Makes me want to upgrade my cpu seeing your score lol.

Nice score johan .... dang that's a good 2 seconds better then my best last time. These new chips that much of an improvement?

I haven't had much time to actually test this CPU but so far it hasn't disappointed.

You should have the actual results in your post so we can see the separate run times just don't hit OK when it's done running. I've been posting them but can you do that with any more you post.
mllrkllr88 / 5950X 5G / AIO / 5m 49.425

Tons of room for improvement as I cannot get W7 working. This is W8.1 Embedded...an already tight OS that I stripped down a bit more. @Johan45 will kill me at the 5G challenge once he tries benchmate...

Running 32M on AMD is new to me so I thought I would do a little testing.

5m 49s 4400 14-14-14 (2:1)
4400 14-14.png

5m 54s 3800 12-12-12 (1:1)
3800 12-12.png

The results here clearly show the winning setup :D I am working on a 2x16 B-Die review right now so they were nice and handy for a quick test. In the past dual rank kits have dominated 32M, will they be fast on the AMD platform?? It looks like 1:1 ratio with tight timings is the winner for this one.

DR 5m 59s 4000 14-14-14 (2:1)
4000 14-14 DR.png

DR 5m 53s 3800 12-12 (1:1)
3800 12-12 DR.png

Lastly, I will leave you with a discovery someone told me about for X570 (I take no credit). One unique aspect of dual rank kits is you can allow more available memory in the OS. This isn't something we need for 32m, but apparently, there is some magic to it for this platform. So this is a very fast run compared to my tests above. Note: I cannot run 2x8GB at 4400c14 with 16GB in OS, so I cannot make a direct comparison for the single-rank kit speeds.
Here's a new submission.
mllrkllr88 / 5950X 5G / AIO / 5m 45.138
3800 12-12 DR FULL.png

The conclusion to my testing is that memory timings and configuration is HUGE for 32m on X570...phew, all is right in the world :D
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He..He..Ha..Ha :)
I just got a i7-5930k to play with. This is with a 120mm AIO.
MaddMutt/I7-5930k/AIO/6m 52.746s
--If you are wondering what m||rk||r88 is referring to on the memory STUFF !!! ->https://www.overclockers.com/forums...t-more-than-4GB-for-benching-in-win-7-2012-10
^ I have this under the Benching Section -> I also believe that you need to be a benching member to see it. I credit m||rk||r88 for all those low fast memory speeds I submit to HWBot.org :thup:

@ Caddi Daddi
**What motherboard and memory are you using for the i7-6800k?? I'm using a ASUS R5E with G.Skill 2x8GB 3200-8GTZ & 2x8GB 3200-8GTZKW sticks -> This is just 3200_12-12-28 1T with 1.6v
**What motherboard and memory are you using for the i7-8086k?? I'm using a EVGA z390 Dark with Teamgroup T-Force Xtreem 4133 -> I can hit 3800_12-12-28/220 1T or drop to 1.25GB Windows memory & hit 3800_12-11-28/220 1T. This is the limit of my IMC :-(
the 6800K, ASUS X99 AII, mem stix, GSkill tridentZ F4-3000c15Q-32gtzr.
The motherboard holds this one back A little but then I only render on it anymore with A titan xp under water and A 2060KO, A rendering beast.

the 8086K, asrock Z370 extreme4, mem stix, Kingston khx2933c15d4/8gx, I would be very hard pressed to find A better board for it.
It's my gamer, 2 1080's in sli, twin 1Tb nvme drives, starting to age but still no reason to move yet.