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FEATURED Marathon Season IX January: Unigine Superposition - 1080P Xtreme

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like the 7990? that's cooooool!!!

so, sli works on these dual cards the same as A dual card set up, sli has to be supported by the software, turned on, just no bridge needed?
so, these are the same as my pro duos then, just crossfire vs sli, still no vram stacking?
Similar, yes.

VRAM has never stacked in SLI/CFx even with dual cards. Amd had a consumer level card like this too (R9 590X).

Anyway, back to the marathon, please!
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Ok, I'll submit mine. Still work to do, I think, this is my first try after getting it set up.

tRidiot/RTX 3090/Air/12756

January bench - small.jpg

Not sure if this was done right or not?

yes, back at it.
I really need to find 1080 water blocks.

A 590 and 690 will not sli, as far as I know, is this what you are refering to?

With my MSI z390 ACE/9900kf I get a GPU error POST code with the GTX-690 :-( I have to run the GTX-590 as a PCIe gen 2 (in bios) for it to work or I also get the GPU error POST code. I do not have this problem running a single GTX-580/680 GPU as primary and the 590/690 as a secondary GPU???
Ok, tweaked a bit, new upload.


View attachment 212619

So I'm unclear... I am on an AIO for my CPU, but this benchmark is primarily GPU and it is on air, so do I list AIR or do I list AIO like SPIT051261??? Jan bench 4.jpg
you list air
I listed AIO because my kingpin has a 360 AIO :)

That was what I thought. I had to look up what a KPE 3090 was. Damn, sir. That is one fine system there. And here I was all proud of mine and stuff (for once!). lol
I was thinking about putting on the 1000watt bios but thats about it.
Concentrating on benching CPU's at the mo , no time for graphics.
See if you can put a unigine 1080p score on their site....join me on the leaderboard lol.

Yeah, I uploaded this one earlier today. https://benchmark.unigine.com/results/rid_51852de271ab4d019eed937a42c45238

LOD = Level of detail. You force the benchark to render the video with less quality, which makes the score increase. As per the hwbot rules, it's an 'allowed' optimization. To make sure it's working compare the benchmark image quality, after you apply the settings and rerun the bench, the image quality will be noticeably reduced.
I'm still 1st :) I got SLI enabled but didn't receive a 2x bonus :-( Definitely V Mem limited as GPU's only have 1.5GB needed for a ~3GB bench.