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FEATURED Marathon Season IX March: 3DMark Time Spy

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Dec 19, 2012
Almost had this one up on time for a change. Ha ha. Here we go with another 3DMark bench, Time Spy this time.

What: 3DMark Time Spy
Who: any forum member
GPU: any GPU
Cooling: any cooling type
When: Ends: March 31st, 12 Midnight EST
Background: Use supplied background
Download : 3DMark Time Spy Rules
Full Competition Rules: Here
I would also like this format used at the top of your post please UserName/GPU/Cooling/ Score



Johan45/ RX 6900 XT/ AIR/ 18182
bassnut / 6900XT / water / 17931
bassnut / 6900XT / H20 / 17662
JLK03F150/ RX6800 XT/ Air/ 16592
JLK03F150/ RX6800 XT/ Air/ 16215
steveokinevo/RTX 3080 ftw3 Ultra /AIO /15820
Spiritedandy/MSI 1080Ti/Water Chilly/ 10095
jiccman1965/TITAN XP/AIR/11140


Johan45/ RX 69-6800 XT/ AIR/ 27234
CADDI DADDI | GTX1080 X2 | WATER/AIR | 14058
MaddMutt/HD-7870 CF/AIR/4135
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^ Are we??? Skipping March or is this a 2 month Bench??? There's also a lot of Medal's for this bench if you pick the right GPU---> See my recent benching post :)
Just some mistakes in my copy paste from a previous post
Time Spy whoa baby :D Back to Intel 18

^ IIRC we have some members that have AMD TR 3960/70/90 <- would this not be the "IDEAL" CPU.. or the Intel x-3175?? I hope to do my own testing to see if this Bench does better with scaling :)
^ Looks like I get to start this on off again :welcome:

Single Card :)

3D Mark Time Spy -2145.png

Dual Card ;-)

MaddMutt/HD-7870 CF/AIR/4135
3D Mark Time Spy - 4135.png
A couple quick runs and I wanted to see if mGPU works with the 6XXX series and it does but DX12/SW dependant. This is the 6900XT and 6800 XT together didn't push it cause it's only a 750W PSU. It pushed the GFX score from 19K to 33K!

Johan45/ RX 6900 XT/ AIR/ 18182

6900  18182.JPG

Johan45/ RX 69-6800 XT/ AIR/ 27234

69-6800 27234.JPG
jiccman1965/TITAN XP/AIR/11140

Happy to be able to post a score.


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CADDI DADDI | GTX1080 X2 | WATER/AIR | 14058


  • 14058.PNG
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JLK03F150/ RX6800 XT/ Air/ 16592

I got a small bump from enabling SAM in BIOS & Rage Mode in the Radeon Control.

Gonna pay for this tomorrow, stayed up way to late tonight. Came close but not quite there ...... It was scaling pretty nice from 4500 to 4750 but that was all I could get.

bassnut / 6900XT / water / 17931