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FEATURED Marathon Season IX November: PCMark 05

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sadly, I have to use my NUC for this one.
Dejo/ 6770HQ/ Stock Air/ 22095 pc05-22095.jpg
This benchmark is tweakable beyond your imagination. In our lounge, we have a whole recipe still good for HW points IIRC

Did you mean to say broken beyond imagining haha? I know there were some good reasons Hwbot killed this bench, but it was all before my time. I was going to run on X570 with some new stuff, but it looks like it won't run.
JLK03F150 / i5 3330s / Air / 12179

Re-ran the test with an Overclockers wallpaper.


I was going to install Win7 on my i5 4670k rig, but it failed the other day. Not sure what's up yet, either a PSU or video card problem.
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I enlisted the help of one of the most famous PCM05 benchers out there, MikeCDM. He's logged years running this bench and even had the global WR a few times. I spent nearly half the day just trying to get this bench to produce even 1 score, but after some serious head-scratching, I got it working. I cannot take credit for any of the 'efficiency' as Mike walked me through the tweaks and setup. I need to work on my mouse skills :rofl:

I tried to convince Mike to come here and drop a score here, not sure if he will or not...

mllrkllr88 / 7980XE / Big Water / 66541

Been some years since i've ran this bench. I forgot most of the stuff and had to relearn most of it as i went. mllrkllr88 asked me to participate and figured it'd be fun to try this out again. It's a lot easier without having to worry about slowing down xp startup. This was doing using an areca 1882ix with two samsung 840 pro in raid 0.

Mikecdm / 9900K / Single Stage / 89,020

Well after trying to get the laptop to work .... fail I put this together tonight I didn't even know what was in it for a CPU till 5 min ago. Just a quick run as I need some sleep. If I'm off work early enough tomorrow I will improve this a bit.

bassnut / PII 965 / Stock / 13932

run 1.png
Some nice results there guys, I was starting to think this one was a bust!
it was concerning my main rig! At least I got a miniscule run in on the NUC