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FEATURED Marathon Season V January: Unigine Heaven Extreme

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Dec 19, 2012
I'm a bit late getting around but here it is, January, Happy New year everyone. Guess we'll start our GPU portion off with something that'll really give it a workout. Unigine heaven has to be one of the toughest benches on a GPU. Maybe not the most demanding but long. Let's see what you guys can do with it.

What: Unigine Heaven Extreme
Who: any forum member
GPU: any GPU single or dual
Cooling: any cooling type
When: Ends: January 31, 12 Midnight EST
Background: Use supplied background
Download :Unigine Heaven Extreme
Benchmark rules from HWBot.org http://hwbot.org/news/3546_application_23_rules/
Full Competition Rules: Here
I would also like this format used at the top of your post please UserName/GPU/Cooling/ Score



MetalRacer / Titan XP / Water / 9178.067
JICCMAN1965/GTX 1080/AIR/7829.359
MetalRacer / Titan XP / Water / 7783.667
jiccman1965/GTX 1080 FTW/AIR/7742.996
MetalRacer / Titan XP / Water / 7570.718
jiccman1965/ GTX 1080/ Air / 7528.579
jiccman1965/ GTX 1080/ Air / 7384.758
Earthdog / GTX 1080 @ 2101/1419 / Air / 7013.367
Earthdog / GTX 1080 @ 2101/1408 / Air / 6955.512
MetalRacer / GTX 980 Ti / Air / 6597.282
Johan45/GTX 980Ti/Air/ 6561.593
Earthdog / GTX 1070 @ 2088/2205 / Air / 6333.52
SwartHack/EVGA 980 TI HydroCopper/Water/6109.912
SwartHack/EVGA 980 TI HydroCopper/Water/6017.786
Mandrake4565/GTX 980/H2O/5502.771
Mandrake4565/H2O/GTX 980/5432.42
XRogerX / GTX 1070SC / Water / 5399.122
Earthdog / GTX 1070 @ 2088/2205 / Air / 5349.258
SwartHack/EVGA 980TI HydroCopper/water/5234.919
Kenrou / Strix 980 Ti / Air / 5218.922
XRogerX / GTX 1070SC / Water / 5166.893
XRogerX / GTX 1070SC / Water / 5101.25
XRogerX / GTX 1070SC / Water / 4901.013
SwartHack/EVGA 980TI HydroCopper/water/4853.232
SwartHack/R9 390/Water/3444
SwartHack/R9 390/Water/3263.023
caddi daddi/gtx970/air/3099.805
Lochekey/GTX 960/Air/2560.942
dejo / Iris Pro Graphics 580 / air / 611.169
Lochekey/GTX 650ti/air/491.3646

jiccman1965/gtx 1080 SLI/water and air/7680.884
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I think we need to move this to the Overclocktagon.

MetalRacer / GTX 980 Ti / Air / 6597.282

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dejo / Iris Pro Graphics 580 / air / 611.169 heaven-ex-611-169.jpg
guess it is time to break out the 7970s. Gonna need to find some QDCs though to get them plumbed in.
:rofl:Hardy Har Bwah Haaa Ha Ha...

That's a pic (the background pic) of you walking to the store!!!
Give me about 18 hours+ and I will post something up.................................................................................. :clap:
Did you run basic and not extreme, lol??! Holy cow, I'm 1.2K behind with over 5Ghz on the CPU... what was your actual CPU speed? Actual GPU speed (boost)?

Better yet, what is the app to disable tesellation in NVIDIA?

EDIT: found some tricks, disabling tesellation wasn't it. :)
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Screenshot (55).png

I'm not impressed. Idk why but most of my screenshots are over 2mb I have to shrink them to post them. Is is because I'm 1440p?
save them as jpeg or png ... or just cut results from the center of the desktop instead of posting everything
I think I was at 5.5GHZ, Boost was 2000+ not sure. Did use some LOD also. Not sure why the CPUZ was not reading it right, was like that for most of the runs.

- - - Updated - - -

jiccman1965/ GTX 1080/ Air / 7528.579

Here is another run so you can see the GPUZ.

Thanks Metal, I just noticed i COULDN'T FIND IT THERE WILL MOVE IT NOW
View attachment 186577

I'm not impressed. Idk why but most of my screenshots are over 2mb I have to shrink them to post them. Is is because I'm 1440p?

Welcome to the overclocktagon RAINWATER. For the SS I use windows snip tool and save as Jpeg usually no issue with size. I added your score to the OP but in the future can you include it in your post.
here is my glorious bugged run on an IGPU hwbot-bugged.jpg
the sound stumbled early in the run- but the run seemed legit- till the score showed up!

Not a driver crash or CPU OC gone bad. Could it be because i have the original Heaven 4.0 installed ?
uninstall, reinstall from scratch from hwbot

Anyhoo.. about the top end of my 1080 run (its leaving tomorrow)... maybe I can reach 7K...

and a place holder for the 1070. :)

Earthdog / GTX 1080 @ 2101/1408 / Air / 6955.512

Earthdog / GTX 1070 @ 2088/2205 / Air / 5349.258
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