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FEATURED Marathon Season V November: Realbench

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Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
I keep seeing realbench pop up at the Bot in their competitions, which has me thinking it might get activated for points. I just figured it would be good to spend a bit of time getting to know this bench and maybe find out what makes it tick.

What: RealBench HWBot version
Who: any forum member
CPU: any CPU
Cooling: any cooling type
When: Ends: November 30, 12 Midnight EST
Background: Use supplied background
Download :Realbench HWBot Version
Benchmark rules from HWBot.org http://hwbot.org/news/14268_application_183_rules/
Full Competition Rules: Here
I would also like this format used at the top of your post please UserName/CPU/Cooling/ Score



t1nm4n / FX-8320 / Water / 101475
Kenrou / FX-4300 / Air / 68156


MetalRacer / i7-6950X / LN2 / 243295
MetalRacer / i7-6950X / water / 218487
MetalRacer / i7-5960X / Water / 207003
Earthdog / i7-6950X / Water / 205921
MetalRacer / i7-5960X / Water / 197340
Earthdog / i7-6950X / Water / 189962
dejo/ 6700k/ Air/ 158970
Earthdog / i7-6700K / Water / 158582
Kenrou / i7-6700k / Air / 156432
Earthdog / i7-6700K / Water / 156288
Kenrou / i7-6700k / Air / 156228
dejo/ 6700k/ hyper212/ 151838
Earthdog / i7-6700K / Water / 151177
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According to HWBot all OS are allowed for this bench. For our internal comps I'm not too sticky on OS since some here only bench for the marathon and not seriously
Does gpu have anything to do with this bench or is it all cpu? I use it as a cpu stress test like silicon lottery, lol!
Not sure but I think it will effect the score, HWBot requires GPUz
Thanks gents...!

Ok, eventually I will run it all the way through... since the wind has twice now moved my mouse cord and subsequently my mouse and stopped the test mid way through... :rofl:
Eat less chilli...problem solved :rofl:
Heh... 4.2 GHz 6950x (daily clocks), but realized my memory was really low and didn't touch the GPU (though on the 6700K the score barely moved when I went from stock to overclocked on the 1070).

Feels like we should have the GPU if its using it, no?

Earthdog / i7-6950X / Water / 189962 (GTX 980Ti Xtreme Gaming @ Stock)

Uses the GPU for the h264 encoding, mine activated the full boost somewhere along the bench. Core count FTW :rock:
Feels like we should have the GPU if its using it, no?
I guess we'll have to see how much of a difference it makes.
OpenCL uses the GPU. It kicks up in the encoding to put the images on the screen, but promptly goes back to idle clocks. It then fires up to full boost in the Open CL test (Luxmark) and drops to idle after.

Earthdog / i7-6700K / Water / 151177 (GTX 1070 @ 2088 Actual Boost/2107 Mem)

HWBot has it listed as a CPU benchmark BUT the top scores are using 3x R9 290x likely since AMD has the advantage in OpenCL
Why is it occasionally the encoding doesn't start right away borking your score? Does that happen to anyone else?


Just to make Kenrou run it again to beat me. :p

Earthdog / i7-6700K / Water / 156288 (GTX 1070 @ 2088 Actual Boost/2107 Mem)

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Wait till you see my 5.4 ha ha
My 1070 can't seem to come close to his 980Ti... I wonder if swapping to that and overclocking it would help on the 6700K for an even higher score. Truth be told, I am not sure how much my CPU has left in it. She gets wonky much past 4.8GHz. I also don't think my memory can reach that high either. Ive got an uphill battle me thinks. :)