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FEATURED Marathon Season VI January: 3DMark 05

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Dec 19, 2012
As usual with the new year comes the second leg of the marathon. This month's benchmark is 3D05 which is getting old but still fun to run and qualifies for global and hardware points at HWBot. The benchmark key is available at 3DMark for free and I'll also post it here.

What: 3DMARK 05
Who: any forum member
GPU: any GPU
Cooling: any cooling type
When: Ends: January 31st, 12 Midnight EST
Background: Use supplied background
Download : 3DMARK 05 Rules
Full Competition Rules: Here
I would also like this format used at the top of your post please UserName/GPU/Cooling/ Score



jiccman1965/GTX 1070/AIR/80577
jiccman1965/TITAN XP/AIR/77477
jiccman1965/GTX 1070/AIR/70170
MetalRacer/GTX 1080/Air/69446
MetalRacer/GTX 1070/Air/68540
Johan45/ GTX 1080Ti/ Stock/ 64640
Johan45/1080ti/stock/ 63519
jiccman1965/GTX 1080 ti (POS)/AIR/62897
Mandrake4565/GTX 980/H2O/56452
||Console||/GTX 1080(air)/CPU water/54265
XRogerX/GTX 1070 SC/Water/50498
mackerel/GTX 970/air/45562
LRG5 / MSI GTX 960 / AIR / 45432 @ 25C*
XRogerX/GTX 1070 SC/Water/45345
XRogerX/GTX 1070 SC/Water/45085
Aleslammer/ 1xGTX 570 /Stock Air/ 43940
LRG5 / MSI GTX 960 /Air /41421
CADDI DADDI| single| gtx1060| 36834
Aleslammer/ 1xGTX 460 /Stock Air/ 35087
XRogerX/GTX 1070 SC/Water/31467
Aleslammer/Quadro FX 4800/Stock Air/30110
(G{in}[AK)TION]/Sapphire DUAL-X AMD RADEON R9 280x/AIR/26055
MetalRacer/7950 GT/Water/14441
(G{in}[AK)TION] /Geforce 750ti / Stock AIR / 10277
(G{in}[AK)TION]/BFG GEFORCE 7800 (AGP)/AIR/3921
(G{in}[AK)TION]/BFG GEFORCE 7800 (AGP)/AIR/2681 (WINDOWS 2000 RUN)


Johan45/ 2x GTX 770/AIR/ 63733
LRG5 /2-MSI GTX 960 / AIR / 47082
Aleslammer/ 2xGTX 460 /Stock Air/ 36168
Aleslammer/2 x Quadro FX 4800/Stock Air/29944
CADDI DADDI| 1080x2| both|24973
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Let's get this started, don't forget the details...

Johan45/1080ti/stock/ 63519

Can I play?


Of course you can Metal, I was wondering where you were
Install the latest system info from futuremark?
Not saying that will fix it but worth a try
Just a tip to all. From my trials Win10 does not perform well. I scored nearly 20K higher with Win7
Ran the Ryzen on Win 10 yesterday with the 980 on board. My score was laughable, going to have to either put Win 7 on it or run it on one of my other setups.
Just a tip to all. From my trials Win10 does not perform well. I scored nearly 20K higher with Win7

Thx for the tip =)
I just did a win10 install on my bench HDD quess I have to put it back to 7 =)
10 05.PNG

Just put 7 back on can for sure say its better . This is a same CPU clocks , os brand new no tweaks and no oc on gfx card .
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||Console||/GTX 1080(air)/CPU water/54265

- - - Updated - - -

Anyone seeing any gains from clocking the card ? Few tests I had worse scores ... ?
Now that's better :thup:

I think the newer cards are saturating the CPU at this low resolution