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FEATURED Marathon Season VII February: 3DMark 11 Performance

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I know it, been having fun with this new platform.

even posted a few runs …. :)

I Thank You kind SIR,

For giving me a basic benchmark to compare against my x99/5960x. I've talked myself out of the x99 Motherboard (Grab one of ED's x299 in the Sale section). I just can't see $800.00+ for a good i9-7900x though.

Nice to see you back Witchy :thup:
@LRG5 if you want that sub on the OP then it needs to be formatted correctly so I can copy and paste it.

@ XRogerX, I added your sub but it's missing the GPUz window
@Johan45 Thanks, but let me get some cold runs down for the second entry.
See if I can catch a Titan or a RTX with 2700X.
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This is a basic sub to set a bar to beat by my other systems :) Base System is a z170/i7-6700k with 2x GTX-560Ti's in PhysX.

MaddMutt / GTX-560Ti / AIR / 5776

Hey, does it matter if I have beefy CPU? Because my graphics card is pretty old, gtx 460, but my cpun is a 6 core powerhouse xeon5670. Let me know, I'm downloading 3dmark.
CPU is almost as important in this benchmark as the GPU. The physics and combined scores will love more cores in turn raising your overall score. I ran mine on the i9 9900k 8c 16t.
Have ater Taco
ULTRATACO / GTX460 1GB / AIR / 4473

Sorry men, I didn't mean to take the crown for the highest score, but HumbleTaco has beaten you all. :cheers:
Note: GPU air cooled / CPU watercooled. Johan45, thank you for helping sort things.

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Yeah, that's a real whopper Taco
LRG5 / Radeon7 / Air / 28722


first Run, needs better Drivers and overclocking software. but it's a start. Card runs very smooth and feels like it has more.

system all air.
Screaming CPU Johan45! :clap:

Did you delid that bad boy?

Nope, 9900K is soldered and worked great I also ran 3D11 at 6.8 but no SS only improved a little so didn't bother. 7.0 on two cores for SPI
@johan45 nice run. Did you loose all your AMD ers ? Let see some FX or Ryzen runs

Still have them but won't likely have time to set one up. That run was an extension of a review and I'm working on another one right now so the bench is full