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FEATURED Marathon Season VIII February: 3DMark 11 Performance

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At first I was excited because physics score looks excellent on TR, then I looked at GT scores... It looks like this bench needs as much CPU frequency as you can give it to help the GT's. I will test this on an Intel platform shortly.

mllrkllr88 / 2080Ti / Ambient Water/ 39849
notarat / 2080 Super / water / 33047
(NOTE: bone stock scores. no tweaks at all, anywhere. Will post overclocked ones later for comparison)
This is a excellent Bench to ask as we have Intel/AMD 4c/8t ~ 32c/64t being used on the PT test. I have a i9-10940x (14c/28t) running this test. I get a PT score of 26 with HT on and 25 with it off :( Johan45's AMD 12c/24t beats mine by over 2x (PT = 60), Even Freeagent's i7-3770k (4c/8t PT = 36.84) beats me :( I will admit that I have the memory setup for benching. If you change the amount of memory to use at start-up to 4GB to can run some wicked timings :thup: IE Quad channel @ 3800 CL 12-11-11-28/220 1T :)
Could this be my problem?? I will have to continue checking/benching just the PT part to find out. MB used EVGA x299 w/i9-10940x BIOS ver 1.21

Thank You For Any Help in this :)

MaddMutt/GTX-460 (192bit)/Air/3806
3DMark 11 Feb Test.png


Pretty disappointed by physics / combined, but I'm guessing that Zen+ is just outclassed in IPC here. I could drop some cores and push for 4.4GHz but I really don't think the 100Mhz will be worth the effort. Tests like this make me wonder what impact Zen2 would have on old engines like DCS. I guess $200 isn't that much to find out.
MetalRacer / 2080Ti / Air/ 42453