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Mass Effect 1 Freezes and Crashes in Windows 10

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Aug 2, 2012
I bought the original Trilogy through Origin, and I am loving the first game. However, having some problems with it...

At seemingly random intervals, the game will keep the audio going, but the video stops. I can often (thought not always) pop up Task Manager, and the game will catch up again. However, it's really detracting from the experience.

Steps so far:
- Tried XP and Windows 7 Compatibility Modes, as well as without Compatibility Mode
- Tried to do the Origin equivalent of "Verify Data Integrity" or whatever it is.
- Reinstalled Graphics Drivers
- Rebooted (of course)
- Reduced Overclock to stock
- Tried both Fullscreen adn Windowed modes

While the game is running, the CPU usage sits around 20%. However, when I pop up the Task Manager and the game "catches up", it spikes to 80%. Also, at one point (only happened once) I got a pop-up saying Windows had blocked that program from accessing the graphics driver.

Is there something in Event Viewer that would help diagnose this further? What should I look for to figure out what the problem is? I want to play all the way through the series and use the character import, but this is making it a lot of hassle, and I've had to re-play sections more than a few times when it froze completely.

Thanks everybody!


Jan 1, 2008
Colorado Springs, CO
I don't recall any problems with it, and I have played it on windows 10 fairly recently (within the last year). Have you checked what the error messages are in event viewer? To access event viewer, hit the Windows key and type eventvwr on the keyboard. Look for errors under application and system. May be a general incompatibility with a driver or something.


Aug 2, 2012
Thanks guys. I'll give all of this a shot when I get a chance! :thup:


New Member
Jun 16, 2017
Have the same problem with crashing in windows 10. My video card is GTX 970.
And I also tried changing campatibility and running as admin...
Checked game files cash (60 files were corrupted), downloaded what was needed and now everything works just fine!)