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Massive Problems Hdd & Fdisk

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Mar 9, 2001
Get right to it......

2 hdd =C= striped 0 ata 100 ( each single device) win me
1 hdd = E=ide Nt 4
Zip = D=ide

This is how I had my settings in Fdisk
I've ran like this for months now.......

The other day it got to a point were it would boot fully in win me or safe mode....
It kept going Safe mode.....hang, Safe mode, hang ...etc.....
So, I go to BIOS turn off ATA100 raid controler as to just boot on the 1hdd=E= NT4 and it boots, no problem
So, I'm thinking bad hdd (2hdd=C=striped 0)win me....
I boot on the floppy and try to run a Scandisk on 2hdd=C and it starts and HANG and lock, I try scandisk on 1hdd=E and it run fine! Tried to show dir of 2hdd=C and it starts with a hang and lock......

I go into FDISK and their shows
zip= C
What the FOOK!

So.....what in the hell can change your fdisk options?
So.....bad hdd (2hdd=E) or is it just some how that my Fdisk settings have changed!, and why would BOTH BIOS show ALL my HDD's, and FDISK show HDD, if their was a BAD HDD?

I'm at a TOTAL LOSS on this one :(
Looks like the array is screwed. I'm not sure how youd fix that.