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Material For A Duct.

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Feb 3, 2001
Hey all long time no post, I was just wondering Sumthin, What could a person use to make a Square Duct fromt the Side panel right to the HSF.....All Ive seen in the local hardware stores and home Depots etc etc, is round stuff, If I only had a Metal Brake to make a duct......Any suggestion...And NO cardboard boxes!!!!!
I would use the cardboard to start with just for ease of design and modification, nothing worse than spending hard earned cash to throw it in the bin, when I have the finished product I would go to the hardware and get some light gauge tin plate and fabricate the final one out of that.
yeah, try cardboard and duct tape, should work well enough. If you want to get fancy later on, some thine duct metal would work.
Aluminum Flashing at Home Depot

I just built a CPU fan adapter (80mm to 60mm) using aluminum flashing from Home Depot. It is very thin and light, very cheap, and stiff enough while still being very workable. I used a pair of metal shears to cut perfect lines that I drew on with a pencil. You can buy it in all different sized sheets and rolls. The duct stuff you saw was in the HVAC area of the store. Go to the ROOFING area. It is the same aisle with rain gutters and stuff.
foamcore works pretty nice for that kind of stuff. basically a sandwich of posterboard and foam. Nice for prototyping stuff, cut only one skin with straightedge and x-acto to fold, craft/art store is a good source.
Do you live in a modest to large metropolitan area? Most have at least one or more metal supply houses. I just went to the local metals yard and bought some extruded square aluminum tubing. It's a bit overkill for ducting, but pure joy to work with. I got a 2 foot length out of the left-overs barrel for $4.00. It is 3 inch OD, 1/8 inch wall. Here's a picture.

A twenty foot length runs about $80.00. Shards like I got go for less. People need to get together on this site and do group buys. I'm sure a lot of people would lay out $4.00 plus postage for a foot of it.

One tool I have for use on small sheetmetal instead of a break is a pair of vice grips that have 2 peices of steel welded on the ends about 6 inches in lenth, just clamp it on and bend. If memory serves I bought them at Sears.
Ever see those square PVC downspouts? Thats right...rain gutter downspouts. You might find them at a local home supply or lumber center.
ive been running cardboard for my duct for quite a while and i like it, its flexable enough so that when you go to remove your side cover you do not have to take the duct off I also used the screen from a car speaker cover i cut it down with tin snips and used 2 screws to keep it attached the screen also holds the duct in place, this has been the best mod ive done and you will be suprised at how much this free mod will actualy reduce temps, i'm happy with my cardboard duct not only does it work but it looks profesional when done rite and is much better then having your side cover off.
puppet (Jun 09, 2001 12:20 a.m.):
Ever see those square PVC downspouts? Thats right...rain gutter downspouts. You might find them at a local home supply or lumber center.

Had this exact idea about a month ago except I was looking at different bends as well still waiting to find out what mobo/ CPU combo I get before I buy anything.