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Matrox G400 32mb any good?

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New Member
Apr 6, 2001
I have the opportunity to buy the card dirt cheap, is it any good? i have a viper ii 32mb right now, is it comparable?
Probably pretty comparable in speed, 2D will be way better with the matrox tho.
Unless I misunderstood the reviews of the new G450, or remember them incorrectly, the G400 is a BETTER Vidcard. Neither of the Matrox cards are gamer's favorites, because their FPS is not so hot. However, if 50 fps is good enough in QIII(and it is--most of the time) the Matrox has a rep as a beautiful 2D card. Which do you look at more often, 2D or 3D?

If it's 3D, you're a gaming maniac, and should avoid the G400 and G450!
I had a g400 dual head,if your planning on hooking it to your tv,,DONT It SUX on a tv. but monitor wise,not too bad,although I had it for about 3 months,and it decided to stop working,,and that was before I got into overclocking. It was strange,I had it in my system when I had a PII350 then I dropped a PIII700 and about a week later,it would no longer work at all, So I put my old voodoo pci card in to get me by till I got the AIW 32DDR Life is good now

I was not too impressed