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Max Payne doesn't work on my computer...

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Mar 20, 2002
Somewhere cold in Canada
My system specs are shown below, and yet I still can't run Max Payne. The game quits after 1/3 of loading a new game. I could run the Tutorial, but just barely. The polygons disappear, and half the time, Max is running around with no legs.

I run the game at 1024 x 728 x 32, if that makes any difference, but I've tried lower resolution rates.

Can anyone help me?
Max payne

I heard sumwhere that there are sum sort of conflicts with the ATI cards running sum games i had the same prob with my Radeon VE.My card didnt like xp either so i changed to a Voodoo 5500 and everything is sweet now i get 107fps on unreal. One thind that did help is that i got a driver from about a year ago and installed it and it seemed to improove a bit, but im sorry cause i cant remember what driver it was :(
I'm running Windows XP and I have the newest drivers for my Radeon, but I guess I should reinstall the game and download the game patches. The latter may be a while since I don't have high-speed on this computer. I'll try doing both. Thanks.
I think I have the worst card ATI ever made, but it ran MAX Payne fine with the very old august 2000 drivers that windows actually reported as from 1999 and on the outside on the snow I had really crappy FPS the game baraly moved, but inside buildings it went smooth at 1024x768 @ 32bit.

It loaded on an ATI RAGE 128 too, I don't have any expirience w/ the Radeon cards any of them, sorry. Try to use the original or the alternate drivers, that ATI posts on their site, under the recommended ones.