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maxi-jet 1200 pump questions

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Max Payneguin

Aug 3, 2001
Well, this is my first post on the forum. But anyways, I'm looking to get a maxi-jet 1200 pump for my system based on their size, reliability and price. I know AMDguy and Bender have had experience with them, so I hope I can get an answer. What size fittings are on the maxi-jet 1200? Are they 3/8", 1/2" or another easily convertable ID (I will be using 1/2" inline)? Thanks guys, I need a small pump!
I don't really know anything about the Maxi-Jets. I just wanted to welcome you to the forums! :)

Enjoy your stay!
The fitting is 1/2". If you make your own 4x4x4 reservoir, get the 3/8"barb with the 1/2" base and about 1" of 1/2" ID (Interior Diameter) vinyl tubing will fit perfectly between the barb and the pump. I just built one yesterday and it really cools nicely.
Wow, I didn't expect it to be 1/2", that's perfect! At the procooling.com forum, one guy said he's had a maxi-jet running for 8 years and it's still going, lol!

(Thanks for the welcome, too.)
Welcome to O/C.com Max Payneguin.

The Maxi-Jet 1200 uses a 3/8 hose for output and a 5/8 hose for input. If you are using a reservoir all you need to use is the 3/8 out which is what most water cooling systems use. There is no reason the Maxi-Jet shouldn't last 8 years since it has only 1 moving part; the impeller/magnet.
It has a 3/8 opening? Hmmm...I put a 1/2 vinyl tube on it with a clamp and it fits beautifully. Oh well, I needed the 1/2 for the other side of the barb so I guess to each their own. This pump really rocks for the price. My load temps are now what my idle were with the rio 180.
It's on the out. I'm not touching it and it's a nice metal hoseclamp, not one of those little plastic ones. It works, I'm leaving it alone.
Ok, the fittings seem to be a nice standard size. Does anybody know where to get barb converters? The local Home Depot and Lowes don't seem to have any.