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Maximus VIII Hero BIOS revisions

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Aug 14, 2014
So, anyone with a VIII Hero noticed how the OC voltages go up and down with the several BIOS revisions ? up to ~1302 high voltages then lowers till ~1701 then balloons again ? higher revisions supposedly fix bugs and improve stability so why the higher voltages, has anyone tried the lot to see what would the "best" BIOS revision for OC ?

Realbench 16gb 2h

1001 - 4.4ghz 1.21v - 4.7ghz 1.35v
1302 - 4.5ghz 1.21v - 4.7ghz 1.33v
1504 - 4.5ghz 1.21v - 4.7ghz 1.34v
1701 - 4.5ghz 1.21v - 4.7ghz 1.35v
1902 - 4.4ghz 1.21v - 4.7ghz 1.34v
2202 - 4.4ghz 1.21v - 4.7ghz 1.38v
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I had a chance to test some pre-release betas, some OC betas and maybe 2 official releases. After that I sold my Hero. Newer BIOS was always giving me some improvements but mainly in memory overclocking. Early releases had issues with voltage reading and were setting default voltage of 1.35V+ but later it was much better. I had no chance to test it long enough to tell you how it was with next releases but for sure first 2-3 official BIOSes were much better.