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Maxtor or Western-Digital

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Sep 30, 2001
England, UK
Im gonna be taking back my HD this week or next and after 2 IBM drives not even lasting a year i wont be getting another!:mad:
The shop i got it from stock Western-Digital and Maxtor drives wich one should i go with?
go with western-digital... any drive with 8mb cache would be good. They are slightly more expensive, yet worth it! :)
which shop are you looking at?
i would go for the western digital 8mb cache, although the new maxtor diamondmax 9 series are supposed to be very good too
im looking at this shop here this is were my current drive is from and they take faulty stuff back and replace them with no probs:cool:
Johnny Knoxville said:
yeah that site is pretty good, i normally buy my stuff from komplett or dabs

I used to buy from dabs but they only accept credit cards now or they did last time i checked and nobody in trhe house owns one so they lost a customer:rolleyes:
I have two WD's, one 60 and one 120, obviously and they are great. I had a quantum fireball from a HP for awhile and the wd's are awesome. They don't even hiccup. The 60 came with the comp and is a bit fragged, but it has no problems.