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Maxtor RMA; not bad! Not bad at all!

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Feb 12, 2001
the Netherlands
Last month I RMA'd my 15Gig 7200rpm ATA66 Diamondmax Plus40 drive. It had the click-of-death and was extremely slooooow, no errors or corrupt files though. Today I received the replacement; a 20Gig 7200rmp ATA133(!) DX740 performance with fluid bearings etc. Way to go Maxtor! I understand this is just the 'minimum' size drive they had available but it will have a nice impact on my system performance and bootup time I'm sure. I'm instlling her tonight and will post the results...
Thats nice, thats very nice. That gives me further confidence in the 8 Maxtor drives I have. HAHA. Of course since I did that HDD window mod I talk to a couple boys at Maxtor off and on now...they were a little upset at first. :rolleyes:
But I have two new Maxtors I haven't put in yet and I was wondering if they were bad how much of a pain it would be. I'm begining to think that if a computer company wants to last they have to be good at RMAing.
Maxtor's RMA does RULE! They will send you a replacement drive BEFORE you send them your bad drive. IBM on the other hand sucks big time. You have to send them your bad drive FIRST, then they take 1 month to send you a new drive. I will never buy IBM again!
Yup. I agree. the ibm rma police sinks. I just got my 3 drives back.

But what was nice, is that they sent me gxp 120s to replace my 75s. And I got an extra 20 gigs on one of my drives.

Still, i found Ibm to be rude and difficult to deal with.