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Maybe its too hot or maybe its not

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New Member
Apr 22, 2001
Can somebody tell me why my computer at start up shows a temperature over 90 then over a period of about five minutes drops to 33degrees
This shows up on motherboard monitor
I dont know which sensor it is reading my sensor chip is winbond w83781d
mbm tels me I have winbond 1,2 and 3 its 3 that shows a high temp reading
my computer is standard at the moment with only a fan on the power suply and one on the cpu
should I worry about this
any help would be good help thanks
It is probably because when you first power up the system is loading all the drivers and programs. After that is done it is at idle, so then it cools. I would run "msconfig" and go to the start up menu, uncheck everything but explorer and systray. Reboot and watch the difference. I would add another couple of fans, 1 in front blowing in and 1 in upper back sucking out.
I tried what you said and it made no difference. the only other thing I have done is wait till the temps levelled out . Noted the temps on mbm to try to find out what it is reading. Then I shut down waited 5 minutes then started up again going into my bios my bios gave me two temps identical to mbm which were cpu & system. At least I now know what winbond 1 & 2 are But not Winbond 3 After I got out of my bios and re booted The temps were where they were when I shutdown So I went back into configsys changed everything back to the original settings shut down and re started the mystery third temp remained at 35 degrees .
It seems to show very hot (98 degrees) only if its been shutdown for a couple of hours
eradda02 (May 01, 2001 04:00 p.m.):
90 C or 90 F becuase 90 F isnt vary hot my cpu is always about 125 F

If it was 90C i doubt it would post. For that type of heat you would need to raise the fsb a ton, crank up the voltage, and remove the heatsink or if you got a tbird just let it idle :). But 90F sounds right on for a motherboard temp or a really well cooled cpu.
OUCH!!! Burnt!!!! So SAD!!! :( I hope for your sake those temps are wrong. Have you tried getting the temp by using a thermocouple placed right next to the core during boot up and see what it reads? Just a thought. I would go right next ot the core under the heatsink. (NOT BETWEEN THE CORE AND HEATSINK) And try to get a reading that way