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Maybe more of a P4B533 Question concering mem timings...

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Jul 13, 2002
Portland, Oregon
Hey all. When I first bought this mobo a while back I read in one of the forums how you could get 3:4 mem timings and successfully did it. One thing I was not successful at tho was changing my mem timings to anything but their default (which is most relaxed). I do score better then Rambus 1066 with the most relaxed timings @225Mhz. But I have recently turned down the clock a little bit do to heat issues and would like to keep that back until I get either water or vapo.

My question is has anyone had success changing the ram timings with these jumpers in place for 3:4 on this mobo? I thought I remember hearing something about having to set the jumpers back to default, and THEN putting the timings to what you want, and THEN setting them in order for them to take.

Confusing I know. But its gonna be alot of work swapping jumpers back and forth in order to find a sweat spot if thats what I have to do. :)