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maze 2 and lapping

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May 22, 2001
i just got me a maze 2 waterblock. people who have lapped this waterblock, have they noticed any temp improvements?

what i need to know is, should i lap this waterblock?

and if so, what sandpaper grit should i go up to. ive read posts that say that dont go higher than 600 grit, but some people say, go upto 2000. so im a bit confused.

this is true for all hs, water or air, if the surface is irregular you will benefit from lapping. how far you go is up to you, it isn't hard and doesn't take all that long. i worked up to 2000 because i liked the mirror finish. really the point is just to get the base perfectly flat so that it sits flush with the core and you use less thermal paste. i personally would go at least to 1500 though.
I saw no improvement in performance between unlapped and lapped on my Maze-2. It has such a nice finish on it, there is no need to lap it. Ditto on the Swiftech MCW-462u. You sure can spot the heatsinks and water blocks that are not "mass produced".

You should know a difference.

I have the same opinion of Julien, the less grinds seem to happen @ 2000 then at, 600, so you would use less AS in the base of the HS then you would when its done at 600. I never really tested the two but, I like to be sure its flat, I like the mirror finish, and barely any AS goes in my HS anymore, its the actual HSF doing the work.