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MB vs CPU cooling

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Jun 30, 2001
Toronto, Canada
Alright...i just finished assembling my own computer, and i feel great. Anyways i boot up for the first time and all goes fine. I go into bios and jus look around and find that everything is fine. I have an Asus A7V133 mobo and a t-bird 1ghz Axia. I go into hardware monitor and find that my motherboard temperature is at 40degrees celcius/104F and my CPU temp is like 53.4C/138F. My motherboard temp is slowly rising while my CPU temp is rising very slowly, by .1's. Could this be a problem, i have no case fans, and i just used the HSF that came with the CPU. I believe that there was this material on the bottom of the HSF that was placed over the CPU kernel, but im not sure of what to do for the motherboard? Are these normal temps? Are they too high or too low or what. Im fairly new, help me out and thanks.
Even if you don't intend to overclock that 1G AXIA, you should consider better case ventilation and a better HSF. For case fans, if you have two openings, a pair of 80mm fans set up as push pull are in order, as a minimum standard. On the HSF, buy as good as you can afford. Keep in mind that a quality HSF is an investment that will outlive several CPUs, so don't skimp. A number of them come to mind, the ThermalRight SK-6, Millenium Glaciator, OCZ Gladiator or equivalent, GlobalWin CAK-38, Swiftech MCX-370, Taisol CGK-760092 (with better fan), etc all fall in the same price-point. If you have deeper pockets and want the best in air cooling, the the Obvious choice is the Swiftech MC-462A (with delta fan). Lastly, if you have extremely deep pockets and want ultimate cooling for you CPU, then water cooling is the absolute best.

For starters, get better case ventilation in place and see how that impacts your CPU temps.

a FOP 38 would be ok if you don't intend to overclock your tbird too much. don't use the thermal pads that come with the hsf's (the little stickers that are under the heatsink). they really suck. you should use some arctic silver 2 and your temps will fall even more.
Well, i probably dont want to o/c it yet....i will though, in the future. But i guess ill get the GloabalWin FOP-38 for now. Do i NEED arctic silver II specifically? Or can i just use the $1.99 USD thermal grase i can get from RadioShack?
that greese is ok, better than most and acceptable, but if you really want good contact and transfer, use AS2
:mad: Your cpu temp seems very high to me , I run a 900Amd slot a @1050hzm. My mobo temp is 93F, cpu temp is 85F,and case is 81F. I have 13 fans for cooling. Get some my air flow on your cpu and mobo this will knock your temps down even more.