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Mbm 5

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Jan 24, 2002
Anyone having trouble with MBM 5 on the 8KHA+? Sometimes the temp (CPU and case) settings work and sometimes they show up as 260F (127C). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've tried every sensor that MBM lists and it doesn't seem to make a difference. When it doesn't want to work it just doesn't work. Could the BIOS revision have anything to do with it? I'm trying to narrow down from the things that I've done and a BIOS update is one of them, although I'm not sure if the two things coincided.
looks like you 2 might have just uncovered a bug with MBM and the pll for the 8KHA+ mobo...have you e-mailed Alexander about it, to see if it is something he is aware of?
I am using MBM version 5.102 and haven't experienced any problems with my 8KHA+ but I see there is a new version available (5.107), which can be found HERE.

I haven't tried it yet but maybe it might help you out.
Ok, better late than never...

I downloaded the new version of MBM5 and did and update to my existing installation and had the same issue. I then had the thought that it might be better to do a full install than an update. (After seeing first hand how much trouble creating installs can be) So I uninstalled my existing installation of MBM5 and tried installing a fresh copy. Once I rebooted I gave it a try (a few times) and kept getting a message that it couldn't install the new MBMIO driver. The fix for this is to log in as the local admin. Even though I was logged in as a user that had administrator rights, apparently this was different than being logged in as the "real" machine admin.

Bottom line... I'm now getting temps again consistently.