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MBM temp readings and A7V

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Jan 9, 2001
Well, I got my little compunurse the other day. It is now mounted in my heatsink - I put a small(1/16") hole right next to the spot that contacts the core. Before I had glued it in, the temp would actually drop 5 °C when I switched my PC on. That, I figured, was because air was blowing down that little hole too, and messing up the temps. So I sealed everything off, and now the Sensor reads 33.8°, while Motherboard Monitor reads 45°. Has anyone else experienced temp differences like this with their boards?
I haven't noticed that exactly but when I run the monitoring program that comes with the A7V my Duron says that it is about 10 degrees higher than MBM says it is? So what is the real temp?
Well, even the bios readings are only approximations, but u should consider it the closest to the real. If you want be 99% sure, buy an external thermistor...
Thats what I described in my message above. The compunurse is exactly that - an external temp sensor. I t tells me the temp that Motherboard monitor reports to me ar 10 to 12 ° HIGHER than they should be.