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mbm? via hm? sandra 2001? which temp sensor should i trust?

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Jul 27, 2001
Southern NY
I have noticed between these 2 ways of temp monitoring, i get different readings. But not by a couple degrees.
For example, in mbm i would get
cpu:51c (which agrees with via hm)
system: 40c
and in sisoft sandra's mb info, it reads:
cpu: 41c
board: 25c
power/aux: 52c

(these temps are with the stock hsf from amd boxed cpu, and the cpu is set @ 1200)

it seems that the power/aux reading in sandra is actually the cpu beacuse a 10c diff. is a bit much, u think?
I know if i get a thermistor, that will be the best way, but until then?
which way should i go?
A thermosistor would definetly be the best and most accurate way. Until you decide to get one, though, it would be in your best interest to to believe the highest reading you get. That way, you won't be accidentally overheating your chip
I use a ViaHm and think its as good as its going to get. I might get shot down. But personally the under socket thermistor has to to be fairly close to exact. I have used it constantly for almost 6 months with no problems. I know people will split hairs over temp. But how much closer can you be.

My VIA HM is very acurate as well, as long as my thermistor is touching the CPU. Sisandra is giving the same temp readings for CPU but is different for system temps by a few C, the last time i checked my BIOS was very close too.
I had to add +3°C correction for MBM to get in line with Asus PC Probe, Sandra and normal room thermometers (using thermistor so the calibration is easy). I guess one can't really tell which one is the right temperature without calibration.
Stormwind (Jul 29, 2001 10:51 a.m.):
What is VIA HM?

VIA HM is VIA hardware monitor, a program that you get with the Abit motherboards. It monitors you System temp, CPU temp, fan speed, voltage etc.
Via hm agrees with mbm, but sandra seems to be about 1.5 deg c higher. I believe that the via hm comes with the [newer] boards that use via. my soyo mobo came with it.