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MBM4 settings?

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New Member
Mar 6, 2002
Okay here is my question... I am running an xp 1600+ on a MSI k7t266 pro2 mobo i have an mcx370 copper /delta 38 HSF... and 3 50cfm(one exhaust, 2 intake) and 2 120mm YStech 135 cfm( 1 side intake, 1 top exhaust) room temp averages between 20-28c. and i am o/c'ed with 146 fsb * 11.5. and mbm4 reads my cpu temp at 34 idle and peeks at 46 under full load.... i have used 3 thermal probes and my bios temp reading and mbm4 without compensations, all giving me about 2-3c difference but these temps seemed unreal... so i have the compensation in mbm set to 5c and that is how i am getting the above idle and full load temps... but for an o/c'ed proc. it still seems wrong.... can anyone tell me if this sounds normal?