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MC-462a and 80mm Delta Prob....

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Apr 17, 2001
Ok well, i decided to finally put on my 80mm Delta 68cfm , on my MC-462a and remove the Sanyo Denki Fan.

I ran into some probs, i first have the 4pin Delta fan, i hooked it up and turned it on and i got a long beep and then it shut off, so then i spliced a 3 to 4 pin on the Delta 4pin and connected one 4 pin to the PS and the 3 pin to the mobo, same results ,long beep and it shut off. I then just connected the 3pin to the mobo and unhooked the 4pin from the PS and i got the same thing ,long beep and it shut off.

What am i doin wrong? And how can i fix it. Please Help Me.

Tks in advance.
Can anyone help me? An whats the best setup for connecting this , so it'll work properly.
The Delta fan does not have a tachometer output on it. Plug the SD fan back into the header on the board where it was originally plugged into. Set it off to the side and let it go ahead and run at the same time as the Delta.

Your motherboard thinks the cpu fan is not running.
You might be able to disable this in the bios.
Hmm ok so where do i put the SD fan? Stack it on top, have it under the PS , blowing down on the cpu?
Just boot into bios with it in and disable the fan monitoring under PC Health. If you don't have that option, download at least the WZ bios update for your mobo, then disable fan monitoring.
Tks everyone for ur input. I finally decided to go with Hoot's idea. I Duct Taped the Sanyo Denki Fan to the back of my PS, so its sucking air and blowing threw the PS and the PS Fan is sucking as usual, then i threw the Delta on the MC462a ,and wow what a difference, it lowered my temps by 8c :)

Tks again.
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