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MC462A/KT7A-Raid Owners!

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Feb 2, 2001
Does anyone know if the mobo mounting holes are grounded on this board or do I need to use washers when installing this HSF


Hope this did'nt post twice. If so I apologize
I use an MC-462A on my KT7 non-A board and the holes are not plated through, nor have a ground ring around plated to them. I do not know about the KT7A, but I'd bet it is the same board with some different chips only. The fact that the board might have ground rings around the hole has nothing to do with them being grounded. The concern is that the added height they might contribute to the surface around the hole would keep the HS base from seating, with adequate force on the core if you use the shoulder washers. I used the shoulder washers, set the base and then removed it to inspect the distribution of the AS and it had been squished uniformly. If you intend to take the base off more than once or twice, I highly recommend setting the stand-offs and their nuts with super glue. The first time, I didn't and wound up with one spinning on me.


Forgive my ignorance, but what are shoulder washers? Are they the little brown cloth looking washers and are they shipped with the MC462A. I'm still waiting for HSF from Swifttech.

P.S.- nice temps

You will get flat nylon washers that go on either side of the spring and a nylon shoulder washer that goes through the holes in the mainboard. A shoulder washer is a flat washer with a thin cylindric extension that goes inside the hole. It helps center the screw in the bigger hole. These are ore commonly used to insulate the mounting screws used with power transistors from the surface they are mounted on. Just a little FWIW.

Yes, those are good temps for my CPU. Considering the wattage it generates at 2.2V core at 950Mhz. Not too far from water cooling.


Thanks alot for the info. I'v been waiting for over a month for this setup. I guess Delta is slow to ship the fans. I'M ABOUT TO BUST A MAJOR ARTERY IF I DON'T GET THAT HSF SOON!!!! Whew!, sorry about that just had ta vent abit.
Good day to ya!
IF you look at the holes that you used to mount the board to the case you can tell if the holes around the CPU are grounded or not. I have the KT7-RAID and they are not grounded. I also order the Swiftech 462A and paid for second day shipping. After a month I called and they told me that the Delta fans were on back-order. After I talked with them a little they agreed to send out the HS and Rheostat and send the Delta fan when ever they come in. So I found this ADDA fan: http://phamcomputer.safeshopper.com/
that puts out 50 cfm. I just got my HS today and put the ADDA fan and rheostat in and it works great. Lowered my CPU temps by 5c. I know what you are going through.