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MCP50X is noisy.

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Dec 4, 2010
Love my dual MCP35X pump with dual pump housing setup that I have been using for almost 15 yrs. This pump have been used on 3 different setup over the yrs that I upgrade system. The pump its self is still working but I am having crack leaks in vary area that drive me nuts. I yesterday I decided to remove the pump and install MCP50X pump that I bought it for back up many yrs ago. To my surprised that MCP50X having a very strong flow but damn nosiy and I am kinda disappointed. I search for new dual pump housing but seem to no longer in production? What housing out there available I can purchase? I can tear down the old dual pump housing and savage the pumps.
Have you adjusted the speed? Those are pretty loud when cranked up, but all reviews say it's quiet otherwise. You likely don't need to run it cranked to reach ~1 GPM flow.
Do you mean adjust the pump speed in the bios? I will try to take a look later. Any way the ou pump is power by sata and the a 4 pin hub? I connected that to the motherboard 4 pin header
Yeah at full bore my Lowara D5 will rattle the case senseless. The old and new pumps have the speed dial pot so it can be adjusted there or I can leave it full bore and adjust it in the bios. I'd rather just set it to 50% and it's dead silent. A few times I forgot to readjust it in the bios and when the rig booted up scared the hell outta me :rofl:
I know it's silly but I like the pot. I never need software to change it based on load or any other parameter, but when bleeding the loop it sure is handy to just twist a dial and see most of the bubbles fly out (this is an oversimplification, but speeding up and slowing down is helpful, and its much easier to fill the loop on the lowest setting).