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Aug 9, 2001
Hi all,

I hope this is the right place for my question. I currently have the A+ and MCP in windows 2000 pro. I am thinking of going to one of the tech schools like new horizons (as an example only at this point) to complete my MCSE and would like to get your input. Is there a preferred school of choice? Bad or good experiences? I will need one that is VA certified (that’s the GI education assistance program). Any thoughts, tips, or comments appreciated! I live in Las Vegas Nevada.



Oni-ni-Kanab;, Ninja Hippo eater Moderator
Apr 5, 2001
St. Catharines, Ontario Canada
Seeing as you already have your MCP in Win2k Pro (what I'm looking to get, eventually! :)), you do know that you have 7 more tests to go (I think it's 7 more to go, after you get the first one) for MCSE, right?

In choosing a school, make sure you find one that will teach you damn-near everything on the tests you want to take, or has programs specifically for each test.


Very kind Senior
Mar 13, 2002
Greensboro NC
It'd be six more, but he already has A+ and that counts as an elective so five more. Depending on your level of experience and how easily you pick up on things, especially networking you may have more cost effective results by using practice tests and books. I found that the set of NT classes I took was more the instructor reading out of the book and generally wasting my time and the company's money. The 2K cert I took by book and transcender. If you end up taking a course, make sure to attend 1 or more classes with the instructor that will teaching you prior to paying for the course as a way of checking the teaching style and abilities of the instructor. Ask to examine the text materials, syllabus and also check out their equipment and whether you can use it outside of classes for running additional labs. Do not count on the teaching center for finding you a job, and take any salary quotes they give you with a grain of salt(one the says 16tons on the side). Count on an entry level position be just that, entry level, and usually not highly paid. Hopefully, you have some experience going in. I've seen too many people go in with high expectations, some get lucky, but be prepared to work your way up. Good Luck!