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Me 1 CPU Heat 0

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Nov 30, 2001
Ok...ok, this is a gloat. But please it is justified. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, so don't flame me.

Ok well i have had this system built since january, and i had been getting horrible temps, like 55C idle and 60 - 65C under load. I know that AMD says a t-bird can withstand temps upto 90C. But right now i'm low on funds, so it's probably best to lower those temps so it's life expectency isn't cut short. So today, i opened up the case. First, i took off the heatsink and cleaned off the old layer of ASII . I then reapplied it following their websites instructions (this time, as opposed to last time). Then, i made sure that the hearsink was seated properly. then i tried to clean up the rat's nest of cables and wires. Granted the job i did isn't in the same class as a Voodoo level case interior, but i did my best.

I powered the PC back on and li opened up VIA HM sftware. And much to my surprise the idle temp stayed @ 40C (104F) for a good hour. So i know these aren't great temps, but compared to what i had before. i'm happy with them. So 40C is a resonable temp for air cooling. Although i don't know how much longer i'm gonna stay with air cooling. But i might stick with it a little longer.

So the moral of the story is, you don't have to do anything drastic to produce a decent temp decrease.

The Doors

Vesuvius Senior Ocer
Jan 18, 2001
Athens - Greece
Really good MaxPower! ;)
Probably you used too much thermal paste, and/or the HeatSink didn't was seated properly :) now your temps are not so bad at all ;)
I suggest you to use MotherBoardMonitor to monitor your system temps, voltages and fans Rpm, it's really the best, and if possible use at least a couple of fans to cool your Case, one for the intake front/lower, and the other for the exhaust up/back.

I hope it helps you to get better results ;)