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Measuring bandwith (simple question)

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Feb 4, 2002
okay, here's the deal.
this site I read, well IGN networks as a whole, has released this little downloader thing to improve the speed of video game clip downloads.

what it basically is is a real simple p2p proggy that lets other people with it take the vid off some of your bandwith to lower the load on IGN.

well people are crying out about this since you can't turn the program off and have no idea how much of your bandwith it uses, yadda yadda yadda

so I was wondering if there would be an easy way for me to actually test how much of my bandwith this thing uses?? some sort of bandwith log??

any help please? thanks.
Are you using 2000/XP? If you go to TaskManager there is a networking graph that will tell you you're bandwidth usage. There are quite a few different menus to help you measure. If not, there are quite a few freeware programs at download.com like this one and others that'll get the job done.
I've got 2k and it doesn't have the bandwith meter that XP has.

Those programs aren't to complicated are they??, i'm gonna have to wait till I get home tonight to try them out, but thanks for hte suggestions.
i read the post, im not exactly sure what your asking for.

here is a web site that tests download and upload bandwidth. for dial up all the way to ATM

bandwidth test